on Nov 12 ,2020

Ebook: The State of Green 2020 in France

How much do you know about renewable energies in France? Read on to refresh your knowledge, be up to date with the latest news and get an overview of the key aspects of the market.

We are launching our 'The State of Green' ebook series: a detailed but concise analysis of the situation of renewable energies in different markets. Beginning with France, our first release presents the situation of renewable energies in France, with a special emphasis on solar energy.

Historically nuclear power has been the predominant source of energy in France. However, in recent years, due to the support of government policies and the society pulse, the renewable energy sector has shown an upward trend, covering in 2019 23% of total energy consumption.

Solar energy, the third most important renewable energy source in France, has seen a deployment of more than 8GW in the last 10 years and it is expected to reach 12GW in 2024.

The State of Green 2020 in France dives into:

  • The situation of renewables energies in the country

  • The role that photovoltaic solar energy is playing in energy transition

  • Rising trends

  • Forecasts

Download the Ebook by clicking on the image below:

Ebook RatedPower France



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